Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mina plans a birthday present...

I wanted to do something special for my Master.  It was an important birthday for him and I wanted to show him how much I appreciated him and everything he was to me.

We'd been invited to spend the weekend of his birthday with Mina and her master.  I decided that I wanted it to be a surprise, something I planned for him.  I managed to slip them some money so they could purchase the ingredients for his favorite meal and a birthday cake.  I planned a way to distract him once we were at their home so Mina and I could decorate.  Things were going perfectly to plan, people were invited and we'd planed to do a formal dinner with the slaves serving naked. 

I received an update email in the beginning of the week we were to head for their place.  For several different reasons the other people had not been available and it was just going to be the four of us after all.  Also Mina thought it would be a brilliant plan to offer herself to pleasure my Master as a birthday gift.

I panicked and thought of deleting the email.  Realizing that wouldn't work as we'd end up at their place anyway and she'd just take the offer directly to him I thought frantically of a way out.  I felt as if I might have an anxiety attack and at the same time I had to ironically admit that in my sick and twisted way I wanted this to happen, it was the topic of my frantic clit rubbings more often than not now.

I decided it was best to leave it between all of us once we were there and together.  We could see what the comfort levels were and we'd see how it went.  There was always he chance he wouldn't be interested.

So we arrived for the birthday weekend and Mina ended up being unable to make her offer.  I wasn't sure if I'd dodged a bullet or if I was devastated with disappointment.  The sexual tension was becoming unbearable for me.  At one point my Master grabbed her and gave her a giant hug and thanked her for putting on such a great dinner party for him.  His hands wandered all over her ass as he ground her tits into his chest.  She was giggling at the attention.  I stood abandoned in the kitchen doing the dishes of the meal that I'd just done the majority of the cooking and serving of, that I'd paid for, in the room where I'd done most the decorating in.  He seemed to have forgotten that I was there.  I was torn between joy that I'd managed to pull off such a great night for him and fury that he was heaping all his attention and all the credit on her.  Despite my mixed emotions I was wet and ready for him as he fucked me later, seeing his hands on her ass had worked it's usual sick magic on my libido.

We left that weekend having had a lot of fun but I had a nagging doubt that I hadn't heard the last of her offer to service him...

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