Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bon-Bon fucks him and ignors me.

So a month or so after our first meet up with Bon-Bon we have the opportunity to head back to her city.  She'd stayed in contact with us the whole time and was eager to meet again.  This time she didn't want to bring her friend along, she wanted to meet with just the three of us, or at least that was how she said it.

We picked her up after she finished her late shift, and brought her to our hotel room.  My Master initially wanted a threesome and she was sulky and persnickety about it.  I really didn't think twice about her reasons for giving us attitude, as she'd seemed to enjoy being with us so much before.  He made me perform on him in front of her, I am not sure if it was an attempt at inspiring her or making her jealous.  He kept looking at her as he fucked me and I couldn't help but think he was wishing it were her pleasuring him.  As it was late we all ended up falling asleep.

The next morning she seemed more cheerful.  As he is a morning person he was eager to go and I could see the gleam of desire in his eye as he brought out a play collar and lay it beside her on the bed.  He told her that if she wanted to play she just had to present him with the collar.  She nodded that she'd heard him but continued checking her phone messages.  I thought something might eventually happen and so excused myself to go to the restroom as I really had to pee. 

I was in the washroom for 10 min or so, wanting to brush my teeth and make sure that I was 'hygienic' after sleeping all night.  I smoothed my hair and put on deodorant.  I excited the hotel bathroom and came around the corner so that I was at the foot of the bed. 

The sight on the bed caused my stomach to drop through the floor, a flash of humiliation made me flush all over, my head spun and I thought for a moment I might be sick or pass out or something drastic.  At the same time my pussy clenched and pulsed.  He was laying naked on the bed on his side, his mouth pressed against hers, tongues stroking against each other and his fingers fucking into her already wet cunt.  I could hear the sound of her juices from the foot of the bed.  There was never really any doubt that she wanted him.  They didn't need me, they didn't want me there and they hadn't even noticed that it had taken me so long to some back. 

I stood there frozen in place for a moment, just completely overwhelmed by the scene.  I had wave after wave of fear, rejection and abandonment wash over me while my pussy got wetter and wetter.  He didn't seem to notice me as he was all hands on deck, he wasn't worried about when or if I might return, he was simply focused on getting her ready to fuck him properly.  Form her position on her back she was gazing directly at me.  She said nothing about my presence and made no effort to include me at all or to let him know I was there.    

I finally came around a bit and realized I was not doing my part.  He had set up a safe gesture of sorts ahead of time.  If I was okay with what was happening and felt I could proceed I was to pass him a condom.  In a panic I snatched the condom up from the night stand and crawled onto the edge of the bed.  Part of me wanted to hurl the condom across the room and scream at him to stop, while another part of me was wild for him to take her right there.  My cont won out and I passed him the condom.  He pushed me at the girl while I put it on.  She would not turn her head toward me so I could kiss her so instead I sucked on her nipples, deciding that he wanted me to keep her hot and bothered during the momentary stall in the action. 

He pushed her knees up to her shoulders and thrust inside her.  She was moaning and groaning, thanking him for his cock, thanking him for fucking her and he was grunting and thrusting away.  I felt like I ceased to exist.  She completely refused to acknowledge me no matter what I did to her breasts.  He thrust into her for what seemed like forever, head arching back, clearly enjoying her excitement and moans.  He finally picked up his Hitachi magic wand and started applying it to her pierced clit.  She came on his cock over and over, thanking him for the orgasms.  He got a sudden strange look on his face and lay down beside her.  He joked and cuddled with her.  She finally admitted that I was there and gave me a bit of a condescending pat.

She packed up shortly after having got what she came for and now needing to run off to work again.  He went to the shower and I began tidying the room.  I found the discarded wrapper and condom and picked them up from where they'd fallen.  As I straightened up the cum from the condom spilled all over my hand.  I felt a the same flash of humiliation and anger.  He'd promised me he wouldn't come with her, that he'd save that for me.  I realized she'd turned him on so much he couldn't hold back his orgasm, although he routinely did so when fucking me.  My pussy betrayed me again, gushing.  My heart felt like it had been stamped on as I laid on the bed and frantically massaged my clit to a rapturous orgasm. 


As an aside we later had some issues with the Bon-Bon.  She took her condensation of me out into our public social circle.  She'd run up to my Master giving him hugs and rubbing up against him while not acknowledging me, making cutting comments to me, inviting him to play parties, jumping up on stage with him during his Karaoke songs or pretending to throw her panties at him.  She seemed to think that she could manipulate him into replacing me because he'd fucked her.  Silly girl.

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