Monday, 3 October 2011

Real Time with a Bon-Bon...

I was in a real tizzy over the online experience, which was only enhanced when an ex of his came onto the scene emailing that she wanted him back while trying to manipulate me into dumping him.  Thankfully she didn't get far, but her story isn't finished and she will resurface in a later post.  Yes, I am foreshadowing for you all!

However it didn't really even make me hesitate in my search for finding a woman to have a threesome with.  I really was a woman on a mission.  I contacted profile after profile and got a few responses.  A few of whom I am still in contact with today.  Finally I got a solid bite.  She was a kinky woman, who identified as a submissive.  She'd had a few girl-on-girl experiences and she told me she was really turned on by the idea of being my first woman.  She lived in large city a few hours drive from my Masters residence.  For a play on her name I am going to call her Bon-Bon. 

During this time my Master was still living distant from me but my work situation had changed and I was able to come to him for an extended stay.  Bon-Bon was excited that I was suddenly so much closer to her location and that we could make this thing happen.  We arranged the trip in and off we went.

I was nervous but excited about the prospect.  I had no idea about what would happen or how this would go.  We checked in at the hotel and waited for Bon-Bon at the bar.  She did show up but had a man in tow whom she identified as her friend with benefits who was eager to see the show.  After having a drink and conversation with the two of them my Master decided that he had no qualms about my first experience with a woman being in front of both himself and another man and we all retired to the hotel room.

Bon-Bon was very interested in my Master during our several hours together.  She was quite tall about 5'9",  with long legs and curly dark hair and big doe like brown eyes, such a contrast to me as i am not much over 5' and a blue eyed blond.  She was also much racier than me with several tattoos and piercings.  She eagerly allowed my Master to strip her and collar her.  He inspected her, fondling her very large breasts with their pierced nipples and fingering her wet cunt with it's pierced clit and her ass hole.  Her friend simply sat on one of the beds and watched.  My Master did several demonstrations on her of BDSM techniques like flogging, for herself and her partner.  While he showed off his skills he kept her in a constant state of arousal by fondling her and kissing her.  Several times he pressed his pelvis into her and from her sharp moans I knew she was feeling his erection thrusting against her.  Each time he kissed her and rubbed his cock against her I felt my stomach fall through the floor and at the same time my cunt ached to be fucked.

Finally Bon-Bon was brought to me and she and I were commanded to make out and begin touching each other.  I was underneath her and her ass was up in the air.  My Master continued to play with her cunt while she was kissing me.  He began to Masturbate her with the Hitachi and she went into a series of orgams which splashed my leg with her cum.  I was then ordered to eat her cunt to orgasm and I did shamelessly.

After that was over things began to wrap up as it was very late and everyone was pretty exhausted.  I felt like I'd dodged a bullet, he hadn't even taken his cock out!  He had not fucked this girl even though he had every opportunity to.  At the same time I found that I felt disappointed.  He hadn't fucked anyone, how could he be satisfied?  I needed him to be satisfied. 

He turned to the girl and asked her if she'd enjoyed herself and with a huge grin she said "Yes!". 

He then asked "How do you show your gratitude to me?" 

She looked startled at first and then with an eager smile said "With a blowjob?".

My stomach lurched.  I wasn't particularly turned on at the moment, having been forced to have a few orgasms of my own for everyone's entertainment.  I am sure my mouth dropped open and I wanted to beg him not to accept.  I saw the look on his face of eager anticipation and pleasure.  I broke out in a sweat and as my heart pounded my pussy didn't let me down, I felt my clit begin to echo my heart.

"No, but thank you."  He said.  "I want you on your belly kissing my feet."  Bon-Bon was immediately prone and giving attention to his feet.  The picture of a grateful sub and eager to please him.

Not that night but eventually she gets her chance... 


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