Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mina, Mina, Mina...

I was right of course, things weren't over by a long stretch.  We continued our association with Mina and her master, and if anything we only became closer.  It became a focus of the masters to have she and I perform on each other for their enjoyment.  Mina made it clear that she was 'bi from the waist up', meaning she wasn't going to have anything to do with my pussy.  No one seemed particularly concerned that this might make me uncomfortable or that I might find it demeaning that she was treated as a princess while I was expected to service her, giving her orgasms with my mouth while receiving nothing in return, except knowing that my pussy wasn't good enough for her.  I quickly realized that my performance on her pleased the masters greatly as they enjoyed watching her squirm.  I enjoyed their pleasure and I enjoyed the power of making her cum.  I enjoyed how turned on my Master was and I hoped that part of it was for me, but he never gave me any indication that it was. 

During the course of becoming intimate with her pussy I made the mistake of fingering her.  I've never felt a tighter pussy.  It was all I could do to get my finger inside her.  My Master's cock is double or triple the thickness of her master's, and I'll confess that I had many explosive orgasms after that, picturing him having to work his thick cock into her virgin tight pussy, stretching her and giving her the thickest cock she's ever had.  At the same time I was becoming aware that him fucking her was inevitable, and I wasn't sure how he would ever want to fuck me again after having her.

Master and I rented a hotel room one weekend as we had a wedding to attend and we wanted to stay within walking distance of the reception.  As we didn't know a lot of the wedding attendees we assumed we'd be back early and so gave our key to Mina and her master so they could hang out until we returned and we'd have a bit of an after party in our room.

We arrived much earlier than they expected and we could hear Mina moaning as soon as we stepped off the elevator near our room.  We entered the room to find Mina, naked and bound on the bed where her master had been fucking her.  My Master decided there was no reason why this couldn't be the theme of the evening and so I was quickly naked as well.

The men decided they'd flog and spank us swapping back and forth.  Mina was propped up on some pillows on the bed with her head towards the head board and her spread ass in the air.  The way the pillows were set up she was supported and there was still access to her breasts. 

I was on the second bed in the room, but I was across the bed on all fours, so I was facing Mina on her bed, and had a good view of what was happening to her. 

As the spanking and flogging heated up the two men's rotation between us slowed down, with my Master becoming more and more focused on Mina and her master focusing more on me.  Later he said it was as much her Master as himself, but it seemed to me that he didn't look back at me once after he started to work on Mina's pussy and ass with his fingers.  Every time it seemed she was about to go into subspace he pinched and twisted her nipples so he could continue playing with her.  Her moans were echoing through the room and she was obviously surrendering to him, declaring her holes for his use. 

Mina's master was playing with my clit, making me cum again and again as I watch my Master first as he fingered Mina's pussy and then as he switched to her tight asshole.  My pussy was gushing, and I squirted several times.  It looked to me that he had managed to get two of his fingers into her ass and he was pounding it like a piston.  I had no idea how many times she'd cum already for him as he played with her pussy earlier.  I could see the intensity of his focus on abusing her backdoor and I knew he had to be thinking that he wanted to sink his thick cock into the same tight hole.  He was making her confess how good it was and how much she wanted him to keep fingering her ass.  Suddenly Mina came like crazy bucking on his pistoning fingers and her pussy squirting down her spread thighs.

I was a limp rag on the bed, as was Mina and the play slowed at that point.  My Master suggested we all cuddle on the bed for a break.  They piled Mina and I into the middle and my Master spooned me from behind and her master did the same to her.  He took several photos of us sprawled together on the bed and I noticed later that in every shot my Master is reaching over me to put his hand possessively on Mina's hip or waist.

We eventually stumbled over to our own bed and my Master fucked me in front of them, I was unsure if they were asleep or were watching us.  I am not sure I've ever been more aroused and he laughed at me, pleased that I was so ready for him despite all of my earlier orgasms.  Exhausted we fell asleep in each others arms.

I woke first the next morning.  I got up and went to the bathroom and returned to bed quietly trying not to wake anyone else.  On my way back tot eh bed I couldn't help notice Mina was laying on her back and the covers had slipped down to her hips exposing her breasts.  I lay there bored waiting for the others to wake, hoping to fall back to sleep myself.  After a while my Master roll onto his side so he was facing their bed.  He was in a prime position for his eyes to fall upon Mina and her exposed breasts.  I noticed movement beneath the sheets and his arm started pumping back and forth in an oddly familiar way.  I was confused for a slit moment and then it hit me.  He was jerking off while watching Mina sleep rather than rolling over to fuck me, the girl beside him who was ready and willing.  I felt the hot flush of humiliation followed by anger.  I wanted to yell, to hit his back and instead I reached up and in a childish fit I flicked his ear lobe with my fingers.

He was angry at first and then decided to fuck me instead of doing himself, and of course he could watch her the same time.  

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