Sunday, 2 October 2011

The first baby step or an online cucking...

Due to the distance apart we live during the initial part of our relationship we ended up spending a lot of time online together.  One Saturday afternoon I was approached on an online BDSM site by a woman interested in having a cyber sex chat with my Master and I.

I agreed and we set up a three way chat.  I was to 'listen in' to him having her perform sex acts for him and possibly sending him photos.  We had technical difficulties and although I could get a chat with him, and I could open a chat with her our three way connection refused to work.

Instead of calling it off he continued with her.  She would send me the occasional word and so would he but during the long gaps of silence I had no idea of what was going on.  I was going nuts, feeling left out, dying to know what was happening between them.

She sent me a naked photo of herself revealing a lovely looking woman with long slim legs.  My insecurities flared.  He told me she'd sent him a nude photo and asked what position the photo she sent me was in.  I told him that she was reclined on a bed and he stated that the one he had received was different.  He directed me to email him the photo I had received and I did.  He didn't return the favour.  I was pacing my mind racing.  I felt ridiculous as this was all online!  At the same time my pussy was on fire.  I couldn't stop touching myself, while my anxiety ratcheted up notch after notch.

Finally after about an hour he'd finished with her and he called me on the telephone.  He didn't give me a blow by blow account but he gave me some details about her using toys on herself and him doing some orgasm control on her.  I didn't have the nerve to ask if he'd masturbated or cum while talking to her.  I was hot and wet and upset and insecure.  It was coming off me in waves strong enough for him to sense over the phone.  He had me masturbate to orgasm for him, controlled by him while he listened.

I hated the feeling of being left out, but at the same time I came over and over again thinking about it.  At the time I had no idea of the things to come that would make me cum... 

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