Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Meeting Mina...

Bon-Bon turned out to be a one off situation however she was a key to our next series of events.  She introduced us to a lovely Master/slave couple.  We became good friends with them quickly.  The slave Mina is about 5 years younger than myself, a natural blond, standing 5'6", with super long legs and breasts that have to be an "E" cup.  She is one of those people that seems very innocent and very submissive.  Men can't seem to resist her and I've watch on many occasions where every guy in the room had his eyes riveted on her.

My Master was no exception to this.  It was obvious from the beginning that she caught his eye.  He took every opportunity to tease her to reveal more cleavage and leg, tell her how great she looked and hug her very tightly, crushing her breasts against him at the slightest excuse.  He'd come home after we'd spent time with them and tell me how he wanted me to be more like her, to learn to discuss the topics she could etc.  I often felt plain and left out as he talked up her looks and listened raptly to whatever it was she said.  Since I wasn't mesmerized by her breasts I had no trouble realizing she wasn't talking about anything more sophisticated or in depth than I did, and I was quite capable of discussing the same topics.  It was completely humiliating for me to be considered less than her in every area simply because she was hot.   

I felt humiliated every time he did something so obvious that showed a preference to her.  At the same time I began to fantasize about her surrendering to him because I could tell how much he desired her.  As we often stayed over at their place it was not uncommon to here them fucking in the other room, her moans echoing through their home.  It seemed to me that every time she started he rolled to me to fuck me while listening to her cries of pleasure and I couldn't help myself but raise to the occasion, cumming hard for him, imagining him causing her pleasure noises.

Her master was no help as he was constantly relating to us what a fantastic lay she was, how she came multiple times every time he fucked her and squirted like a water fountain.  Her greatest accomplishment was her skill at blowjobs and in this arena, according to her master, she had no equal.  My master would often gaze at her while these grand images where presented to him, his eyes glowing with lust.  How could you not wish to have such a creature?

Being into the BDSM play on several occasions we had the opportunity to see her stripped down and played with and in short order my Master joined in fondling her large breasts and flogging her.  She went into subspace very quickly and so her master took her out of the play, laying her back on the bed.  My Master then played with me for a short while and brought me to the bed as well.  He threw me onto the bed belly down beside her, but slightly lower on the bed.  As he mounted me from behind his view with just a slight turn of his head was her naked body spread almost under him, legs open to reveal her pouty pussy lips.  I felt like I was the receptacle for his cock as he fantasized about thrusting himself between her silky thighs.  I hated it and still couldn't help myself from cumming on his cock.

She quickly went to the top of his list that he would recite while fucking me.
"Who will you give me to fuck my slave?"
"Anyone you wish Master!  Who do you wish to use my Master?"
"Mina.  Will you give me Mina?"
"Yes, Master" I would say weakly, feeling jealousy and humiliation course through me while I came helplessly.

The jokes and talk of sex acts between us all continued to ramp up with every visit.

Mina began to hint that she wanted to know what it was like to submit to my Master and he let his interest in testing her blow job skills become obvious.  The humiliation was exquisite during these incidences as everyone focused on her and I faded into the background.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the situation came to a head.  It became my most frequent masturbation fantasy, her lips wrapped around his cock, his cock plowing into her pussy.  At the same time I found the flirting and attention to her almost unbearable.  The lust I could see on his face made me want to cry and on several occasions I was distraught enough to snap at him.

And then before I knew it his birthday was right around the corner and we were invited to spend it with them...


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  1. I love this story, I am an unashamed cuckquean and sub to my husband. Its liberating to find like minded women