Sunday, 2 October 2011

What is a Cuckquean?

What the heck is a Cuckquean?

Essentially a cuckquean is a female cuckold.  A cuckold is a man who's wife entertains other men sexually, sometimes in front of him sometimes not.  Sometimes he participates by fluffing the other man and sometimes he is made to prepare his wife for the other man to mount.  Often there is a strong element of humiliation, that the man isn't 'enough' to satisfy his wife.  This is a fairly well known fetish.  Cuckqueaning on the other hand is less so.  When this same (or similar) situation happens to a woman, she is known as a cuckquean.  Her husband or SO engages in sex acts with other women.

There are as many different quirks to the dynamic of Cuckqueaning as there are people engaging in this kink.

In our case we are working out what this means specifically to us.  We are in what some call the lifestyle of BDSM.  The most important part of BDSM, to us, is the Domination and Submission aspect.  We refer to ourselves as Master and slave (Master = Dominant and slave = the submissive counterpart), which is a completely consensual Power Exchange relationship.  I may speak more on this topic on another post but it is sufficient to say that I get off on his pleasure, he is the one who sets the standards and makes the rules and that is how I like it to be.      

And that is how it all began for me...

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