Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Little Dee provides a distraction...

Things were not finished with Mina, not by a long shot, however I don't want to give the impression that nothing else was going on in the mean time. 

There was a tremendous amount of sexual tension between all of still.  We all spent time together regularly, we went out together and spent 'vanilla couple time' together.  Every time we went any place with the there were constant reminders of how much my Master wanted her.  I often felt I was taking a back seat and he never hesitated to flirt with her or make sexually charged comments to her.  Her master continued his never ending praises of her beauty and sexual prowess, informing us of every man that looked at her with desire and every exciting sexual thing they did.  It was pretty common for him to have her trot around the living room in every new piece of lingerie he bought her in a 'fashion show' while my own Master never requested the same of me despite the new lingerie I would have purchased at the same time (sometimes even from a tandem shopping trip).  I was forced to oooh and ahhhh at her breasts in every outfit along with the men while remaining firmly in the background, unnoticed.  He had no need to flatter me and apparently a great interest in seeing her preen. 

Mina did just as much to feed into the situation.  She never seemed to think anything that her master said was an exaggeration and accepted his (I felt) biased claims with smiles and nods, perfectly confident that she did give the 'worlds best' blow job.  For her part she also went on and on about that being the first time that she'd orgasmed by being fingered in the ass.  She commented again and again about how exciting it was and how much she enjoyed it.  She showed me her asshole on a couple of occasions so I could see the bruising around her anus caused by the force of the pounding she took from my Master's hand.  That was the icing on my sick little cake, knowing how hard he'd pounded her in his excitement and desire for her and knowing that she had not only gladly took that pain for him, submitting to him utterly but also that she'd cum so hard from her submission to him.  I lost track of the orgasms I had while thinking about that.

Things sort of stalled out between the four of after that, on the sexual front.  There was a lot of tension but no forward momentum.  I think everyone swirled around the idea of ruining our friendship with actual fucking.

In the meantime I was contacted by a lovely little submissive woman.  She was single and very curious a bi-sexual experience and curious about D/s.  She was quite petite but curvy, and literally looked like she could be the strawberry blond sister of Christina Ricci.  She was just a few years younger than myself but I was quite taken with her and I was enjoying the idea of potentially being with her.  My Master lost some focus from Mina as this girl, little Dee was really cute.  He has a preference for redheads and so do I.

As she and I got to know each other she was more and more interested in our dynamic.  She had more and more questions about him.  We went out for coffee with her and she was a bundle of nerves but it went well.  Her interest ramped up further and she was calling me daily.

There was an upcoming fetish event that she was eager to attend.  Mina and her master were quite happy to go as well and so we attended in a group of 5.  She was having a great time, dressed in a short skirt and corset top, but again really nervous.  There was a public dungeon and the 5 of us went to play.  Mina and her master got wrapped up in each other and my Master began to spank me.  He decided that I wasn't responding well and stopped the scene after only a few minutes.  He placed me in the corner and Mina was both figuratively and literally dumped on me.  My Master observing the eager look on little Dee's face, couldn't seem to push me off to the side fast enough and began offering a spanking to little Dee.  She eagerly accepted and was soon straddling the spanking bench, ass in the air for him.  He gave her a good work over, a classic bare handed spanking.  By the time he finished she was lit up like the fourth of July.  I wasn't feeling good about it at all.  It was a really public event, with lots of people known to us and he'd just kind of dumped me off to the sidelines to get his hands - literally - on this woman's ass!  As snubbed by him as I felt I was equally shamed by me wishing he could have ripped off her panties and fucked her then and there.

It was closing time and he offered her a ride home.  I thought he was going to follow through at first but he'd decided he didn't want to impose on our hosts by bring her to their home.  Mina also wasn't so sure that she liked her.

Little Dee was indeed thrilled with the event.  She had hinted all the way home that she was ripe for a fucking but she'd been ignored.  She called me to tell me how hot and bothered she'd been by the spanking and how badly she wanted her cunt pounded.

It didn't take long before we were headed back in to meet with her again, this time with a hotel room reserved.  On the drive to her town I could feel my heart pounding, I was feeling the rush of anxiety I now know I always get before he fucks someone else.  I thought I knew what to expect but I guess I needed to hear it from him to be prepared.  I decided to just ask him point black what he had planned.
Quite clearly that he planned to have her suck his cock and he would be fucking her that night.  I spent the rest of the car trip dripping wet while my stomach churned.

She was a good girl and met us at the hotel.  My Master quickly stripped me down and put a blindfold on me, which is a turn on for him.  Of course I could hear everything he was saying to her but I could only make guesses at how he was handling her body, what he was physically doing to her.  Eventually she ended up naked on the bed and he drug me by the hair to push my face in her pussy.  Again I didn't know what he was doing but I focused on my task, willingly preparing her for him, wanting her to enjoy it.  She squirmed and came.  He made me lay beside her kissing her and playing with her breasts as she did the same to me.  I held my breath waiting for him to claim her with his cock.  I was braced but dreading it.  He pulled out the hiatchi and made her come again.  She was desperately trying to find a way to beg to be fucked, unsuccessfully.  Then as quick as that he was finished with her.

She went outside for a smoke.  I was struggling with the waves of relief followed by the crushing disappointment that he hadn't done it.  I'd been built up to jump off the cliff and instead I'd just tripped on a stair.  I told him quickly that I was okay, that I was not standing in his way of taking her, in case that was why he'd halted.  I thought maybe he just wanted a break and would go back at it.  She came back in and again I could see how badly she wanted it.  He sent her to bed and snuggled in with me.  Again I was caught on a roller coaster of wanting to tear my hair out in frustration and reliefe and love that he'd apparently chosen me.

Little Dee did feel rejected form this night and no matter how I tried to smooth things over she just couldn't see from his side.  Her constant nervous state had completely turned him off.  He was afraid she'd be one of these women who fucks someone and then regrets it after - buyer's remorse - and decided not to take that risk for us.  Disappointing in a minor sense, but reaffirming for our relationship.


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